Organizational Structure

Led by the Principle Investigator, the International Meridian Circle Program is dedicated to the international cooperation with the countries along the meridian circle in question through agencies and organizations, and to the construction and management of scientific research platform for related fields, the coordinated monitoring platform and information sharing platform, which are in line with the IMCP scientific objectives and its missions.

As the highest science and technology advisory body of IMCP, the Science and Technology Committee (TBD) is responsible for providing suggestions and advice to the IMCP Department of General Planning which is under the leadership of the PI. The main tasks of the committee include considering the scientific objectives and science & technology proposals of IMCP, evaluating the overall scientific performance of the Program, and to providing advisory recommendations.

Based on the division of tasks, 3 major future platforms has been envisaged, including scientific research platform, coordinated monitoring platform, and big data platform. Under the scientific research platform, 3 commissions will be set up according to different research directions, which are responsible for conducting scientific research and formulating strategic development plans of individual field.

The coordinated monitoring platform is responsible for the efficient coordination and management of the overall joint scientific observation activities to materialize the scientific objectives of IMCP.

The big data platform is responsible for collection, management, archiving and storage of all types of observation data acquired by the domestic and international field instruments incorporated in the IMCP, as well as for the data exchange and data sharing with users.


In the managerial aspect, the Office of IMCP was established to enable the smooth implementation of IMCP.


Fig. Organizational structure of IMCP


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