Russian Observation network

The network takes advantage of Russia's high latitude location in the East hemisphere. The ground-based upper atmosphere observation network is in preparation. The installed or to be installed instruments include, GNSS-TEC and scintillation receiver, Fluxgate magnetometer, Aurora spectrometer, All-sky airglow imager, and Optical interferometer.


The ground-based upper atmosphere observation


The Baikal Vacuum Telescope is used to study the fine spectral structure of the sun. The Telescope of the Sayan Solar Observatory is responsible for observing the sun's corona and conducting infrared observations of the solar system and deep space objects. The Radio heliograph in Siberia carries out solar radio physical imaging observations; The Irkutsk incoherent scattering radars observe the upper atmosphere; The geophysical rocket launch pad is located at 70° N.

In addition, there are SuperDARN radars deployed in Siberia, the linear FM and digital Ionosondes network, the ULF radio signal recorder, the optical imager, the all-sky camera (for upper-atmosphere airglow studies) and the neutron monitor network for cosmic ray variation observations.


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